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Pouneh Saeedi

ENGC15 7 Roland Barthes From Work to Text, “Acts of Criticism and Text” Interdisciplinary:  Going across different fields, ex. lit and feminism, film and something else  Not only studying literature, but in other things too  Barthes distinguishes work and text o Talks about how things are interdisciplinary these days o Freudian studies, Marxism, leading into different shifts  SIGN, the relationship between signifier and signified o Arbitrary, not based on fixed reason, subjective  Genre: o Categories  The work is a defined object o Defined, closed off o Vs. The text, a methodological field  A process, in activity  Whereas a work is complete  A text is in the process of becoming, in flux, fluid  Subversive, sometimes you can’t categorize certain texts and authors  Paradoxical, beyond opinions, working with two contradicting ideas at the same time  Ludic, playful, a constant play, you see all these signifiers that are playing  Metonymic: associated with each other on a vertical axis  Ex. crown  Text: word’s origins from weaving, interweaving, the texts around you, (textiles)  Plur
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