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University of Toronto Scarborough
Pouneh Saeedi

ENGC15 Jacques Derrida Documentary  Arché o Origin or commandment, authority  Biography: o It’s the work that shapes the life, not vice versa  L’avenir vs. futur o Evenement  Hint of the future o Future: that will be  Predictable, prescriptions, scheduled, foresee-able o L’avenir: that will come  Arrival totally unexpected  “the real future for Derrida” o L’avenir beyond le future, the Other  Founder of deconstruction  Biographies: o Who have authority invest said authority to present the truth  The published work is a fixed life for centuries  The one who reads the text, a tiny paragraph, is more of a biographer than the one who knows the whole story o It’s indecent for philosophers to have autobiographies  Speak of self as empirical being improper  Present self as philosophy  Probs just not  Origin of deconstruction: o To not naturalize what isn’t natural  To not assume that what is conditioned by history, etc. is natural o Not an operation that supervenes outward from outside  Always already at work in the work  Always already contained, so only have to do memory work  Don’t want to accept/reject terms, leave question suspended for the
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