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Pouneh Saeedi

ENGC15 Discipline and Punish by Foucault  He starts with this graphic description of horrific torture on the body  Sets it up as discipline th th  18 c—19 c moving from bodily torture to disciplining o Precedence given to the “soul”  Soul: o German historian Ernst Kantorowicz’s The King’s Two Bodies  The king actually has two bodies  Divine  Carnal  Foucault inverts this with criminal: o Criminal’s non-carnal body has to be marginalized, has to be punished o This disciplining involve:  Strict regulations situated in time and space  Surveillance  Enclosure  The prison system began in monasteries  The saints would enclose themselves  In the army also  Exercises implemented there o Other aspects come to mind: intention, for one  “Premeditated” what’s important going on in the mind of the criminal, beyond the body  A model died, her famous athlete boyfriend shoots her on Valentine’s Day  Her boyfriend said he’d shot her in self-defence, thinking she was a burglar  She wanted to work with people in trying to abolish  “Truth must come out”  Foucault highlights the importance of how we have to gain knowledge o The accordance of power and knowledge  The prisoner through his body is subjected to certain measure in order to gain access to the truth  People are looking for answers  Power—discipline and force without direct involvement of the body o Prison =/= enclosed system outside of society o Has its effect, its influence and is part of society  Carceral archipelago: image of islands that serve as prison settlements o Double isolation:  Imprisoned, also on an island, cut off from society proper  Surveillance  People can’t escape from an island easily  The picture of a panopticon o Pan = everywhere, opti
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