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Pouneh Saeedi

ENGC15 Cixous, Irigaray Cixous: “The Laugh of the Medusa”  “The Dark Continent”: o The Heart of Darkness, Africa, continent is mysterious, association with women?  The white male colonized Africa, women being colonized by men o Portmanteau words:  Sext = sex + text  Illes = ils + elles  Chaosmos= chaos + cosmos  Chaos—female, boundless  Cosmos—discipline  These words have combination of male and female  She says we have to get rid of oppositions, of binaries o The Gorgons were three sisters; Medusa’s the mortal one o Perseus, heroic male, decapitates Medusa, the horse Pegasus springs from her body  Shows her fecundity  Lots of versions:  Once very beautiful, object of male desire, raped by Neptune, her hair was turned into snakes  She turns people to stone with eye contact  Pregnant with Neptune’s child, but because she’s decapitated, her child metamorphoses into Pegasus  Medusa associated with womanhood because the sight of female genitalia was like looking into her eyes because the male would be petrified for fear of castration  According to Freud  Women write in white ink o How fertile the body is, it’s capable of producing milk, on a level the m
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