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Lecture 3

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Laura Jane Wey

Bible and Literature Lecture 3 (Sept 15-11) ➢ Chapter 9 (v: 9 - continuation from previous lecture) ➢ 3 sons of Noah – every human being that came after the flood were descendents of these 3 sons. Noah is drunk and naked in his tent. Sons take a garment and walk backwards in an attempt to cover their father without looking at him. ➢ What's Ham's offence? Some kind of taboo had been broken – maybe you're not supposed to view a figure of authority in that state. ➢ Outcome: Gets cursed by his father – Ham's offspring will be servants to their cousins. ➢ 3 Sons: Shem, Ham, Japeth ➢ Shem: Hebrews are descendents of Shem ➢ Ham: Egyptian descendents &Africans (plausible explanation to justify slavery) ➢ Japeth: Present day Turday & Southeastern Europe ➢ Abraham (1 Patriarch) ➢ God promises him land and countless descendents ➢ The covenant with God ➢ Chapter 17 ➢ God promises to make him father of many nations ➢ Name changes to Abraham ➢ Promises him land of Canaan – clear thatAbraham is not a native of this land for he's referred to as “a stranger to the land”, so therefore it's someone else's land. ➢ As opposed to Noah, where the symbol is a rainbow, here it's a blood covenant = all male babies must be circumcized as a token of the covenant. ➢ 1 time God as asked humans to do something. ➢ Why Abraham?Appears as a righteous individual who obeys God. ➢ Chapter 18 ➢ An incident whereAbraham hesitates before acting = he has a theological discussion w/ God ➢ Abraham pleads with God for Sodom and Gomorrah ➢ Different portrayal of how little God knows ➢ Abraham questions God's decision “will you slay the righteous with the wicked?” ➢ How could God not be able to distinguish between the righteougs and the wicked? ➢ Abraham continues to bargain with God ➢ Chapter 19 (v: 4) ➢ Incidents involving Lot ➢ They want to have sex with the angels ➢ Lot offers up his own daughters instead as a replacement because he knows that such an act is deemed wicked. ➢ God saves Lot because of Lot's close relationship toAbraham. ➢ His
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