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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Laura Jane Wey

Bible and Literature Lecture 6 ➢ Exodus 19-24: 32-34; 40 Numbers 10:11-17; 20-25 ➢ Shift in Israellites Relationship to God in Exodus and Numbers  In Genesis, it is still a personal relationship between God and the patriarch – now its God and the people.  Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob are "patriarchs"  They are like fathers; they govern the people.  Moses on the other hand, is a "prophet"  Predictior and also a judge  Does not have absolute authority over people  Potential for conflict & disobedience btwn community members and God/leader  Community's rebellion against God.  Community's rebellion against leaders ➢ Exodus 25  After they convince Aaron to build golden cow for worship – Moses is angry  People are being asked to place loyalty to God rather than traditional loyalty to community  Therefore, obey and kill those who are guilty of worshipping golden cow – community vs. Personal relationships  Chapter 2  People are lustful – they want more  They miss food from home  God is not very sympathetic – punishes them by them what they want – gives them "flesh"  Rebellion by community directly against God  Often times when people rebel, Moses becomes an emblem of God  Chapter 16  They want Moses and Aaron's power too, since they're equal to them in holiness  V:19 – Again, God's going to be wrong – God was going to wipe out entire congregation but Moses and Aaron that, to wipe out all just cause some sinned is unfair (resembles the scene in Sodom). • So God considers this, and what he does is separate the offenders from the nonoffenders – offenders get swallowed up by earth  Rivalry Between Leaders  Aaron & Mariam – Brother and sister of Moses  They actually say things about Moses – the fact that he married an Ethiopian woman  Aaron & Mariam both offend but only Mariam is punished – turned into a leapord for 7 days (by God) and then is later reinstated into the community.  The Ten Commandments and the Book of the Covenant (Chapters 19- 24)  1 few commandments are very long (followed by explanati
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