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Samuel II - Oct 18

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Laura Jane Wey

Oct 18, 2011 Samuel 2 ➢ The covenant that God makes with David ➢ The Succession Narrative of the House of David  David, Bathsheba and Uriah  What sin does Davud commit?  David commits adultery with Bathsheba – both are married but not to each other.  She is supposed to be having her period, so she was unclean (women normally shouldn't have sex with someone when they are unclean)  They need to cover up the fact that they had an affair with each other  David hopes that Uriah will go and sleep with his wife but this fellow does, he sleeps at the King's door • This is cause warriors who have sex become soft and relaxed which is not good  So David sends off Uriah – one of his most loyal warriors – to the most dangerous battle so that he could be killed.  David makes Uriah carry his own death sentence letter to Joab – this makes God angry (God is displeased)  When it does not pertain to himself, David has a good sense of right and wrong.  Even though David himself does not directly kill Uriah, God still considers it so.  Displeased at the fact that David takes Bathseba as his wife after Uriah's death  God raises trouble out of David's own house – the child that will be born (Bathseba's) will surely die • Inflicts the sins of the father upon the children • But David & Bathseba will eventually produce other kings (especially Solomon) ➢ Amnon, Tamar, and Absalom  First instance of trouble  Amnon falls in love with his ½ sister Tamar and devises a plan to rape her.  Pretends to be so that she could cook, feed him, and take care of him.  After he rapes her, he wants nothing to with her.  Surprisingly, she says that if he wants her, to go her father and he may grant him permission to take her as his wife.  But when King David hears about this, he was very angry, but he does not do anything.  Absalom comes in and his angry with both his father and his brotherAmnon
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