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Laura Jane Wey

Deuteronomy 1-12, 28-34 ➢ End of Exodus  Chapter 40  Moses puts up the tent and then takes it down  First instance sinceAdam & Eve that God lives amongst his own people ➢ Book of Deuteronomy  Much more uniform with the books that follow it  5 book of the Book of Moses  Significant portions of Deuteronomy are considered to be the oldest part of the Bible as we know it now.  Much of the subject matter covered overlaps w/ Exodus, Leviticus, & Numbers.  Different  Most of it is spoken in Moses' voice; popularly believed to have been written by Moses himself  Narrated by Moses – he's addressing the congregation  Supposedly the beginning of the fulfillment of God's promise to give Canaan to the descendants of the patriarchs but already looking forward to future disobedience and punishment  Failure of the Israel State  God tells Moses to write a song for Israelites to remember why they will be scattered despite God's promises to them.  Moses' First Speech  Recapitulates Israel's 40 yr journey out of Egypt to the brink Canaan • Re-narrated from Moses' point of view  Chapt 2 (v:19) • God says you not “posses this land because I gave this to another tribe, etc” • Making it clear what you can have and what the Israelites cannot have • God is saying that before the Eminites, there was a large giant race bus since he decided to, he got rid of the others, to give Eminites land. • Proving to Israelites that he can do the same for Israelites • *So are Eminites chosen people too?  In his speech there's an emphasis on strict adherence to the letter of God's law  Emphasis on God's mercy and love for his people • Concept of God forgiving you if you repent • An attempt to explain away the failure of the covenant • Emphasis on love – repeated many times.  Small
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