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Lecture 1

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Laura Jane Wey

Bible and Literature – Lecture 1 ➢ Four sources – Documentary Hypothesis st ➢ Documentary Hypothesis – That the 1 testament was completed using 4 different documents – Torah ➢ So what are the 4 sources?  J (Yahwist) – orientation towards Judah & God's anthropomotphic & referred to as Yahweh  E (Elohist) – Northern Israeli orientation & God is referred to as Elohim  D (Deuteronomy) – Hardships are consequences – due to the failure of pple to hold up agreement with God  P – Very detailed & dated after the Babylonian Exile, so last bit to be included ➢ But...there are scholars who disagree with this hypothesis ➢ Alternatives  P is not a separate document but a filler  Deuteronomy is actually the oldest of the documents  Inconsistencies show existence of an oral tradition rather than multiple written sources  Tanakh as a whole was produced by generations of Israel's scribes = copied, edited, & revised the texts  Dismisses idea of 4 sources  ➢ Genesis 1-2: The Creation  2 versions of the creation story st  1 story  creates human life last after having created animals, plants, etc  creates man and woman at the same time  man is unnamed  no
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