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Ezra & Nehemiah Lecture

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Laura Jane Wey

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Ezra & Nehemiah Picking Up The Pieces – Postexilic Experience ➢ *concordance – will tell you every mention of a particular word in the Bible/book ➢ Jerusalem conquered by Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar in 587 BCE (Before common era)  This is the end of the Jewish people as a nation ➢ Diaspoa  What happened to the Jews after the fall? They were scattered throughout the Middle East.  Intellectuals and upper class are forced to leave Jerusalem and go to Babylon  Babylon Exile – last until 538 BCE ➢ King Cyrus of Persia  Good leader; doesn't impose his religion on anybody  In 538 BCE, King Cyrus of Persia (in control of Babylon) at this time, allows return – he did not discriminate, but rather allowed people to practice their own religion  Extremely benevolent  Some go back to Jerusalem and some choose to stay  He also provides the means to rebuild their temple which was destroyed ➢ Chronicler takes the history & re-writes it – so changes are made – de-emphasizes the role of pple & emphasizes faith & relgion  Things are not going well politically so there's an emphasis on religion ➢ Ezra (a priest) & Nehemiah (a political leader/governer of Judah)  Centered around the rebirth of Jerusalem since Jerusalem was left in ruins due to Babylonian exile. ➢ 2 Books  1) Ezra  2)
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