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Ecclesiastes Lecture

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Laura Jane Wey

ECCLESIASTES LECTURE ➢ Like Job, this book challenges the Deuteronomist view ➢ Youtube Videos shown in class  *Melodians – River Babylon  Martin Luther King – Mountain Top Speech  The Byrds – Turn Turn Turn (Chapter 3 of Ecclesiastes) ➢ Exam  *Review David – Important  Identification of quotes & short answer questions  Deuteronomist vs. Opposing views  Bible is not really one unified book – there are paradoxes  Song of Solomon  Not much focus on this but, know that it doesn't have much to do with God  Allegory – know the definition  As Israel is conquered, deuteronomist view shifts from political to religious. ➢ Ecclesiastes  Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher  All is vanities (1:2)  Outlines a view of life in the voice of the preacher  It may initially seem like its in Solomon's voice  Vanity Fair comes from the word “vanity”  “Bonfire of the vanities” - throwing away luxuries into the bonfire  “Koheleth” - Hebrew word for “preacher” - or rather a leader, or philosopher that teaches a school  You can see that the preacher doesn't really have a religious perspective. ➢ Skeptical Wisdom  “The preacher” says that you can't understand the world  The issues that Job raises are reasonable but there's nothing that can be done about it  Vanities = illusions = things we desire, and when we get them, they don't satisfy our needs  According to the preacher  We know nothing for sure; no logic in life – the good sometimes suffer and the bad sometimes flourish and the world is not just – we can only make the best of it  Deals with the same issues as Job, but takes a completely different attitude  Opposing deuteronomist vie
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