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October 27

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Laura Jane Wey

Bible and Literature Oct 27Into to BibleBefore translation into English it was in LatinPriest no longer has to tell you whats in the bibleyou could go ahead and read it yourself due to the translationsReligion and politics are intertwined at this timeBible is not one book a compilationKing James folks translated it directly from the HebrewsIn 500 BCE there was still no distinction between politics and religionMany people have taken stories from the novels and retell itChroniclesBasically a continuation of the same kind of point of view from the other books Numbers You move through stories in which God has a very intimate relationship with the peoplepeople argue and speak to Godthis concept is central to early JudaismSo you have a personal Goda family religion and then later on tribes but still its pretty personalChronicles are a continuation of deuteronomistic historyDeuteronomy approachall the rulesDeuteronomistic viewwhen Israel people abide by Gods rules then things will go well and when they dont things will go badly this is especially evident in Judges This is a particular point of viewtheres an emphasis on faithDifference with deuteronomist writersIn Chronicles theres an ambiguity
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