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Lecture 6

Lecture 6

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Judy Pocock

Bible and Literature IILecture 6The Gospel According to MatthewMatthews Gospelis an expanded version ofMark framed by accounts of Jesus birth Ch 12 and hisIappearance after the resurrectionMatthewLuke are the only ones with virgin birthNo virgin birth in Mark5 blocks of teaching material emphasizing a new covenant in Chapter 26Remember the covenants with God at each stage in the old testamentMatthew is considered the most Jewish of GospelsFor Matthew the law is intensified and made better by Jesusnot negated like MarkLast SupperThis is the covenant of the New TestamentOverview of Matthew1 Sermon on the Mount Ch 572 Instructions to the 12 disciples Ch 103 Parables of the Kingdom Ch 134 Instructions to the Church Ch 185 Warnings of the Final Judgement Ch 2325Similar to Mark but softerits farther off and not immediateTorahkeepingsurpassing the lawSoftens Marks portrayal of an apocalyptic Jesusadding parables that imply a delay ndin 2 coming
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