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Bible and Literature

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Judy Pocock

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February 06 2012Bible and Literature IIJohnJohns book is based on favourite discipleJohn is supposedly the favourite discipleThis is the one place where you see the personalities of disciples developedThe writer of John is not to keen on Peter but John is the one who Jesus sees as the most important discipleWritten about 70 years after Jesus deathGroup in Jerusalem who were followers of JohnThis is a lot different than the other booksGospel of John Another Kind of JesusIn John Jesus is an incarnation of divine wisdom and the word incarnate is to make fleshHuman form of Gods Holy WorldFor John his existence is eternalprehuman and afterhuman existenceHes in the form of the Holy SpiritGospel of John is much more philosophicalit starts off completely differentChapter 1In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was GodAnd the Word was made fleshReference to the dual covenants the one with Moses and the one with JesusDifferencesndOnly brief allusions to the 2 coming no propheciesConcerned with establishing brother and sisterhoodThe risen Christ is eternally present or present in a surrogate in the invisible Holy SpiritWhen Christ rises if you are a believer and follower of Christ this spirit is alive in youIn John behaviour is acknowledged but its not so importantwhats important is receiving this Holy SpiritEscatologyHere is where the origins of The Trinityidea of a tripartite GodThe Greek word is Paraclete which also translated as Comforter Helper Advocate or Spirit of TruthCrucifixion not a terrible ordeal but a glorious affirmation of the prophecies and a return to GodIn this crucifixion Jesus has more controlIts difficultpainful but he has no objections Depiction of Jesus being perfectunlike the Matthew Jesus he has no doubtscannot be temptedBeing ascended on the cross is like going back to a word that he already knowsits a different experience than that in the other gospelsIn the other gospels he teaches in parables and demands that they interpret what hes sayingHe doesnt disclose who he is or anything
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