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Matthew & Luke

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Judy Pocock

January 30 2012Bible and Literature IIMatthewLukeMatthewIntroduces the beginning of the social gospelChapter 25When I was hungry you fed me when I was a stranger you took me inThe fire damnation is comingno specific reference to hell thoughMatthew is building on the Jewish tradition not starting ChristianityCrucifiction scene in Matthew an excuse for persecuting Jewish peopleIn Mark its been said that the children take on the sins of the parentsBut in Matthew its there The Jews who are agreeing to the crucification say let it be on our childrenthis used sometimes used as an explanation for the HolocaustDont worry about postresurrectionKnow what Jesus says on the cross in both Mark and Matthew Psalm 22Similar to Job at his unhappiest timeGod why have you forsaken meIts a gentile that recognizes him on the cross a Roman soldierHes been rejected by his own peopleLukes Jesus is different very much a human being as wellGospel According to LukeLuke is the most educated of the writersHas a much greater vocabularyHes probably the only one who is not Jewish writer hes a gentile in the bibleWriting more than 20 years after the crushing of the Jewish revolt and destruction of the TemplendJerusalem accepts that t
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