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Bible and Literature - Ken Kesey.odt

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Judy Pocock

March 19 2012Bible and Literature IIOne Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest you never can tell when just that certain one might come in whos free enough to foul things up right and left really make a hell of a mess and constitute a threat to the whole smoothness of the outfitThe Gospel According to Chief Broom Jesus as Saviour from the Combine McMurphyMost unusual Jesus pettycriminal braggart troublemaker conman womanizer violent attention seeking and disruptiveDecides that its much better to be in a mental hospital than in prisonParallels to Gospels unmistakableCrucifixionShock EllisCategorized as chronicgiven so much shock therapynailed against the wallNailed against the wall in the same condition they lifted him off the shock shop table for the last time in the same shape arms out palms cuppedthe nails pull his hand back to the wallgoes back to your place on the wall hands up to receive the nails 33 Harding You are strapped to a table shaped ironically like a cross with a crown of electric sparks in place of thorns69McMurphy Anointest my head with conductantDo I get a crown of thorns 283Chief Broom the table shaped like a cross with shadows of a thousand murdered men printed on it silhouette wrists and ankles running under leather straps sweated green with use a silhouette neck and head running up to a silver band goes across the forehead Not only is McMurphya type of Jesus but Chief is also a type of gospel writertelling the story of McMurphyDisciplesAs McMurphy led the twelve of us to the ocean 239Disciple Billy is the Judas figure as he betrays McMurphy to RatchedSacrificeMcMurphy could escape but chooses to give up his life in the endDifferences between McMurphy and Jesus Jesus asks people to lose themselves in order to find themselves but McMurphy wants them to find themselves to become who they areIndulge not denyAlmost the opposite of Jesus msgKeseys villains are all femalesvery masculine idealThere are shadows of racismGlorification of violence
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