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Samuel Beckett

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Laura Jane Wey

stDecember 1 2011 y Beckett tries to outdo Joyce who was famous for his novelsy Beckett is a minimalistkeeps carving and sizzling everything away as much as possible y His work is about nothingy Beckett is known for dealing with clown like figuresKrapp is like a dirtyalcohol clown y These plays all have gaps and open holes and this is where we ask all these questions about what is it y What is life without living He seems as though he is not actually living he has no meaning in li fe it is absurdy What are the things of value Separating the weak from the chaffhis recordings are looking back on the past yeary His ledger gives notes to his recordingshe has a lot of technologiesbuilds an archivey Significance of light and dark y When light starts moving after he hits it it does not focus on him and yet light is significant in his lifey Why did he keep looking back in shock y He made a choice between his writing career and his domestic lifey Why the bananas On the recordings he said he likes bananas so he ended up eatinghis constipation caused him to eat bananasnothing comes outeven in his recordings when he was trying to record a tape nothing came out shows constipation both the as
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