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Majorie Rubright

ENGC35 lecture #1  Three of the most influential and important modes of communication emerged: o Enables us to understand ourselves o How communities were represented and understood (our minds, communities, cultural differences) o Created a rich vocabulary  Theatre= very popular (3000/time sometimes) o open to everyone (outdoors) o swan theatre (1596) o globe theatre (original burned down but was rebuilt using the same materials and “technology” as the time period in which it was originally built)  William Shakespeare wrote plays for the globe theatre. o Brought the “world” into London  Drama written for the public stage  how did it represent race as an imagined community?  Shakespeare invented about 2000 words such as frugal, horrid, obscene (etc) o Known as neologisms o Also had many words that didn’t take off  No dictionaries in Shakespeare’s time, therefore, no standardized or authorized form of English yet o Spellings of words not really known  Early dictionaries had pictures of women on the front cover and was essentially aimed towards women  English dictionary invented to remedy the “babble” in English language o Ex: Henry V (people from different places speak but it sounds like babble)  Language  Geography  Race  Community  Tower of Babble picture in Renaissance art (*)  Time period: CANT (Slang dictionaries for how to speak street English)  Lexicographers  dictionary makers (depicted themselves as high men of edu
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