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Anne Milne

ENGC39 8 Shamela Letters I-IV  Backstory or Exposition  Form and content clearly based on Pamela (parody, burlesque)  Introduced to „familiar” characters from Pamela lampooned: o Pamela/Shamela o Mrs. Andrews o Arthur Williams o Mr. B/Mr. Booby o Mrs. Jervis  What is burlesque?  Lampoon, caricature, farce ridiculous situations and action  Travesty mocks a work by treating its serious subject in grotesque or undignified manner  Parody focuses on stylistic features and form to deflate the original  Form of satire Letter VI  Physical comedy  Mrs. Jervis laughs at Shamela‟s ineptness in managing the Master o Action often trapped within an interior, or chamber o Shamela‟s engaged a sham, manage the master o Mrs. Jervis writing to Sham‟s mother, who we associated with sex trade  Clearly getting the sense that Sham is an apprentice to this trade  So will use those skills to trap Mr. Booby and get settled into financial aid  Shamela‟s Sham: o Excerpt on Blackboard o Probs defo on exam? o “You see I write in the present Tense,” –writi
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