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Anne Milne

ENGC39 A Sentimental Journey 1 - Unsettled childhood mostly in Ireland, often separated from parents - Family background prosperous, but immediate family “down on their luck: - Educated at Cambridge, became a rural clergyman (Yorkshire o Quite dedicated - Also devoted to life of partier o Enjoyed company of women o Wasn’t gambler, but did like to drink and be social o Completely in keeping with his singular literary career and contributions o Why were clergymen characters so popular - Married to much older woman, had one daughter devoted to him o Had many other relationships with women (public) - Rose to prominence in 1759 through satirical pamphlet, local area o Liked Rabelais and Swift - Suffered from poor health (respiratory problems) which prompted his journey to France and Italy - Died shortly after publication of the novel o Had planned to produce two more volumes which would cover the journey to Italy o Book stops when the characters leave France o His daughter arranged for his stuff to be published o Favourite authors: Cervantes, Montaigne, Robert Burton - Post-A Political Romance (the pamphlet), wrote his most famous novel Tristan Shandy o Overnight sensation o Toast of literary world o Appears in own novel as the village parson Yorick, reappears in Sermons and A Sentime
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