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Anne Milne

ENGC39 11 A Sentimental Journey 3 When Yorick meets the Monk of Calais:  Yorick makes a split-second decision not to offer charity to him  He repeatedly questions the monk’s motives  Always self-conscious of how much sensibility he’s showing, etc.  He puts on a figure or a face/ a persona o In writing this recollection, he analyzes his response to the Monk o He realizes that he’s misjudged this Monk and treated him unfairly The snuff-box. Calais:  Has this memento from Father Lorenzo, after the gravesite  Bursts into a flood of tears, describes himself as weak as a woman, asks the world to pity him  The Monk shows up a few times in his journey, he’s always a stimulus for Yorick’s self- reflection and stuff  You sense Yorick coming into his sensitive side The Pulse. Paris: expressions of sensibility: “I care not if the whole world saw me feel it” (44)  He suggests that her blood/her circulation and her nature are linked together  With the theory and definition of sensibility with the nerves, and pushing it to the satirical  Sterne taking the sensibility thing way too far, to the point of parody  Overtly sexual; “I bet you have one of the best pulses in the world,” “Feel it.” *smirk* Maria and Yorick:  Maria apparently some woman whose lost her mind due to lost love  Pushing the boundaries of travel literature o Tourist maps have points of sentimentality, where you’d go out of your way to visit them, like Mad Maria o Yorick goes out of his way to visit her, intertextual reference to Tristram Shandy, in which some character knows her  We get her story and her interaction with Yorick, but all of this is calculated to construct Yorick’s character as a sentimental hero  Yorick’s complete underlying ability, his duplicity as promoting himse
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