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University of Toronto Scarborough
Anne Milne

ENGC39 A Sicilian Romance: Aesthetic theory  Picturesque vs. picaresque o Picaresque: subgenre of the novel genre There was a lot of concern in Catholicism even a hundred years later.  Represented in the text: o P. 90: “He unclosed the door…the duke entered”  Duke enters this building and is looking for respite from his travels  Sees these monks dressed in their habits/robes basically drinking and partying  Negative stereotype about catholic priesthood  That they were superficially deeply religious  But on the sly, they were porting well and living better than regular folks  Created hypocrisy The gothic scene:  Claude Lorrain, gothic painter o You see the sublime and the picturesque o The quality of light, the time of day o All essential aesthetic concepts of gothic art  Salvatore Rosa o Landscape, but aspects like: time of day (dusk), roughness of landscape (rocky cliff-like)  Sea is active, clouds are roiling o The idea of misfits and hermits, leading slightly mysterious lives  Hiding, living in caves, temporary camp-like situations o The relationship between the size of the figures and the landscapes  Often figures are overwhelmed by the landscape  Tiny against the backdrop  Giovanni Battista Piranesi: o Architectural interiors o Radcliffe, in her “chase” scenes, lot of staircases, corridors, doors  Often tricky to negotiate (move through) them  Richard Wilson: o Country generally interested in foreign places o Representing them in both a negative perspectives, like sublime, or picturesque and beautiful  All of these artists influenced gothic writers  Radcliffe would‟ve seen these artworks and maybe even drew upon them for inspiration Gothicism:  Isolation  Imprisonment (mother)  Terror, horror, and supernatural  Gothic architecture  Grotesque, sensationalism  Sensational, sinister, grotesque, sublime, mysterious  Architecture/interiors/chase scene  Ruins  Banditti (highwaymen)  Darkness/obscured views A young woman against the forces that want her to marry against her will  Marriage  Compulsion: women as property vs. companionate  Should you marry rationally? For love? Social values? Marrying within your ethnic, religious group?  Gothic and the explained supernatural o Horror is enhanced o Reality of mother‟s imprisonment is scarier than any „ghost‟ o ^ Radcliffe‟s rationale o The resonance of her fifteen-year long imprisonment is way more intense than ghosts o The idea of impris
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