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Anne Milne

ENGC39 14 A Sicilian Romance Final Exam Vocab Terms:  Gothic/female gothic  Explained supernatural  Imaginary geography  Imagery  Picturesque  Sublime  There will be a list of other terms published prior to the exam Elements of the Novel in A Sicilian Romance:  Focus is on Julia  3 person omniscient o Intrusive? o Reliable?  Frame narrative?  Gothic, sublime, Picturesque o atmosphere  Italy, Imaginary Geography o place  Anti-Catholic, Companionate marriage o Like Joseph and Fanny from Joseph Andrews o In ASR, we have Julia and Hippolitus o In ASL, in terms of affection narrative, Yorick interested in companionship, but other wondering about shop women, he doesn‟t talk very much about marriage  Character development: o Everyone still kind of stuck in their bubble by the end of the novel o Julia does experience the world, but her eyes aren‟t opened or anything  Same with everyone:  Amelia still stuck at home, has no urge to experience the world o Characters that offer us a little more roundness, but not really any development that modern readers expect o In Emma Courtney, excess amount of thought o Signs of real character development in Emma  Plot, action, conflict, resolution: o May be its saving grace, that things actually happen in this novel o Radcliffe is attentive to action o Structure:  o Plot:  Courtship story  Mystery of castle  Two plots intertwined: mother and daughter thing  Also subplots:  Marquis and Marchioness  The Duke and his Son (Riccardo the Banditti) o Sort of semi-resolved with confrontation o But we don‟t see them moving in any kind of relationship  The mysterious young woman on the run o Hinted o Confused for Julia, people chase her instead of Julia and vice versa o Nothing resolved there  Power struggle between the Abbe and Marquis o Hinted o Long-standing o Abbe completely focused on this power struggle o Just kind of simmering in the background What happens to the sentimental, sentimentality, the “new man of feeling”?  Fielding: idea of virtuous man being highlighted, with the focus of going home o Impetus and journeying, that they needed to find their balance and proper place o So much emphasis on the publishing of the banns o Making that companionate relationship entrenched in the proper kinds of institutions o A lot of critique on class, but not in institutions  Stern: wandering, restless man, trying to find himself o Like the jester figure for whom he‟s named o Doesn‟t want to stay buried o Less emphasis on virtue o More on sentimentality o Built up intentionally to show that man of feeling in sexualized way o Fielding talked about women in terms of social justice and expectations and the sexual woman o Sterne also did, but from male perspective  Radcliffe: ambivalent relationship to home o Home = prison, literally for mother o At end, they come together as a family and presumedly establish a happy home o Rejection of institution, less a critique of class  The servants represented, vs. in JA  Rejection of church, the tyrant figure (father) o Finding a new balance in companionate marriage, a new way o Ferdinand going to head
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