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Lecture 5

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Wells

Lecture 5 Mr. B says he cant marry Pamela because of her low class o He gets a lot of criticism (privatepublic) Questions of truth and virtue o Is Pamela giving her parents ALL of the details? Is she honest? Is Pamela editing her letters for Mr. B? o She is confident about what shes writing but shes hiding them shes not ashamed of what shes written (hides letters in clothes, under tiles, etc) At first, Mr. B eludes to his reading the letters but were not sure about it until the editor comes in Mr. B mentions a public face while privatizing other events o Withholding Pamelas last 3 letters Pamelas I narrative and underlying events (editors commentary) John has to secretly deliver his letter to Pamela o What Pamela accepted as true turned out to be a lie o Pamelas basic assumptions have failed her she doesnt know if she can trust anyone Richardson emphasizes that the letter format is complicated for Pamela Mr. Bs letters to farmer Norton o Truth has been twisted grains of truth have been used to form a thorough lie o Mr. Bs letter to Goodman Andrews Hes picking up on the public discourse that reading Romance gives you incorrect notions (she misunderstands his advances) He accuses of reading the situation incorrectly He accuses her of injuring his reputation He accuses her father for encouraging her He suggest that shes involved in a love match
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