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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Michael Wells

Lecture 8 Parody o On the didactic message o On the paratextual material o On the claimed social value of the text o On the truth claims of the text Reading public o Shamela only works if youve read Pamela Novel Definitions o Anonymous Pamela was considered better than the Bible o According to Johnson, bad characters were supposed to stay bad but what about Mr. B Why Fielding wrote his book o Money? o Felt upset about Richardsons hypocrisy Shamela points to the dangers of SURFACE o Surface appearances Virtue = marriage (in Pamelas eyes) But what about VARTUE? Richardson calls himself an editor, not an author o To prove that Pamela is made up of REAL letters, not manufactured letters Letters + time o Writing to the moment In Pamela its immediate; not much time for reflection Pamela doesnt have enough time to edit her thoughts; she simply delivers raw information
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