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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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Michael Wells

Lecture 10 Belief that feeling could be just as important as religion o Without religion and God what are our moral standards set in? Fielding wants to say that people can still have chastity and value without virginity Importance of o Feeling o Morality in relation to Richardson (virtue) narrowly defined as chastity o Reading instructions on HOW to read Clarissa virtue is rewarded in the afterlife Fielding Tom Jones ending is a little slapped on Joseph Andrews unites with Fanny at the end o Its the journey thats really important o Difference between surface and depth Between telling and showing In Pamela, when her father gives those didactic messages Readers interpretation Narrative control o Fielding is accused of buttonholing the reader and leading them around Constantly engaging with the reader and telling them about what has happened A great crime called affectation o Not effected but affected o Acting things out The Affected : Designed o We are being shown a lot but we need to read into it Problem with Parson Adams wears his heart on his sleeve
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