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Notes on David Foster Wallace – “Incarnations of Burned Children”, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni – “Mrs. Dutta Writes a Letter”

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ted Petit

Notes on the Readings David Foster Wallace Incarnations of Burned Children -The most confusing short story I have ever read. Although the way the author wrote right from the beginning made me want to read more. I was anxious to know what happens to the child, to only find that he may be dead. I dont even know how he got hurt, and what really happened to him. Im still confused. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni Mrs. Dutta Writes a Letter -This story really touched me as I did feel for Mrs. Dutta and her hardships being in a new country and not really being accepted by her family. I was kind of depressing to think that her own son, was siding with his wife to get her out of the house. When it was his mom that worked her entire life to give him a good life, to only live a lonely life now. It was sad. However, I do feel the childrens point of view with getting annoyed of the cultural and old fashioned values
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