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1 HUMA01 Tutorial 5 (Sarah) th Thursday 17 January 2013 Our life with technology Technology plays a immense factor in our lives. But is it affecting our lives in a positive or negative way? Has the use of the phone, computer, fast speed internet created a better society? Internet, and genetic engineering are parts of technology that plays a huge impact in our lives. The question is whether the changes made has help develop the mind or blocked the mind form thinking outside of the box. Has human cloning helped the society or create an identity crisis? These conflicts will be further answered in the following discussion. The dependency on technology has increased immensely. Not only are people turning socially inactive, they have became passive communicators. Online dating sites and social websites have prevented people from talking to one another. Instead, instant messages are replaced. People are sitting at home facing the computer, typing, and indirectly communicating with other people in society. This plays a large hazard to the communication around the world. Computers and messages have undermined physical contact between people which has made the society less interactive with each other. Another harm that the internet has brought upon are internet predators and scams. As people depend more on technology, they would depend on the internet not only for social interaction, but also for buying essential needs. Dating sites as a social interaction, could possibly lead to internet predators that would take advantage of the innocent. Teenagers are highly targeted by predators because of lack of awareness by the teenager and also the curiosity of teenagers in social interaction through online. Predators would simply lure teenagers into unknown areas and take advantage of their vulnerability in the situation. These cases have been increasing throughout the years and due to the higher usage of internet system, the numbers of potential predators will have increased. Aside from predators, scams have occur in the internet. Providing personal information such as credit card number, passport code, could lead to dangerous consequences. The internet has became a problematic area where information of an 2 individual can turn into major money deficit or exposure. People have taken advantage of the internet in such a massive motion that by tricking people to insert their personal information, thieves are able to gain access to personal records, bank accounts, and even insurances. The level of deceit and felonies have developed into crimes where millions of dollars have been quickly removed all due to simply a computer and internet. Technology has changed the environment of this generation as children are searching on the website Google just to search for answers. This immediate question and solution has cause the reduction of using the mind. As quoted from „Are We Becoming Cyborgs ?‟, “Human brains are exquisitely evolved… Every hour you spend sitting in front of a screen is an hour not talking to someone… So I fear I have is not with the technology per se, but the way it‟s used by the native mind.” The quote shows that technology has caused the mind and thoughts to become boxed. With a direct answer to each question typed and search, it would make a huge dependency on the technology. It would lead people fewer opportunities to think outside the box and take part in deep discussions if all the answers are found on Google. The use of technology has provided a speedy answer, but led to the consequence of
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