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Respond to the following prompt: In academia, we stress not only memorization, but understanding, challenging, and innovating when engaging new ideas. Now that you’ve completed a semester of university education, how adequately do you feel high school prepared you for these challenges of higher education? (use at least 2 templates) The transition from high school into higher education: The challenges confronted in the first semester at UTSC. High school is nothing compared to the experience found in that of university. The teachers differ from the professor, and the young students differ from the mature students. University life is stressful, full of time management, and self-guidance. The lives are complete opposite between high school and that of university life. High school only the transition towards university, and university is the transition to real work life. In high school, there are more security and less stress because of the caring attention received by the professor. The guidance counselors are aware of the courses the students take and seek the students for any problems in their scores. In university, the academic advisor are unaware of the courses the students take and do not seek the students until the student is under probation in which a letter is sent. This sense of independence is unnerving and university students must learn to cope with the university learning system in which they were not taught in high school. The first transition to university gives an immense sense of stress. The midterms and assignment appears on the blackboard system and it is the student’s own awareness to complete them. Unlike high school, where the teachers provide extra note of due assignments and h
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