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Michael Petit

HUMA01Class Discussion and Questions to Respond to in Your JournalMy Kid Could Paint That directed by Amir BarLev 20071 Characterize the people in the documentary particularly Marlas parents and Anthony the art dealer What do you think of them and why Can you make an independent judgment about their character based on what you observeeg How does the documentary construct these peopleThe documentary forces us to believe that Marlas mother is a very protective parent and doesnt wish for her daughter to be hurt by art critics However this has caused her to keep Marla in an overly sheltered environment for a long time We are lead to believe that she isnt exactly the best mother in the world The father however is very outgoing and supports Marla in all of her choices He also holds many flaws in the sense that he attempts to live out his own dreams throughIn fact that is also the reason the documentary was made in order to criticize him for aidingherhis daughter in painting such amazing abstract art 2 The question raised again and again is Did Marlas father help Speculate on the answer but also discuss why this question matters How does it relate to the larger question What
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