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Michael Petit

The True Meaning of Pictures Discussion Questions to prepare for writing a critical review of Adams’s photography (Short Paper #3) 1. Is the documentary a “true” representation of these people? Why or why not? If not, then what is it a representation of? The documentary isn't necessarily a "true" representation of these people. The reason being is that they're being photographed through the perspective of Shelby Lee Adams. As hard as he attempts to make it seem unbiased he has some sort of relation to these people because they are from the same culture as him and he attempts to make them into what he wishes his childhood was like before he moved. 2. Do you think Adams exploits his subjects? To what extent does every photographer exploit her subjects? To an extend yes, Adams does exploit his subjects. However, whether it is in a negative or positive light is up to debate. He chooses to present their lifestyle how he believed his childhood to be. Though many of the aspects of the Appalachian people haven`t changed he chooses to bring in certain aspects which or not indigenous to them. 3. How does the documentary position you as a viewer? I believe that we are asked to view it without context to keep the cultural feel of the documentary and artwork. How does the documentary want you to view Adams’ work? In a negative lig
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