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Michael Petit

Nicolas Jeganathan Professor Petit HUMA01 - Tutorial #5 January 23rd, 2012 Questions on Chris Jordan's Artwork What are the aesthetics of Jordan‟s art? Jordan uses smaller symbolic objects and fuses them together to create a larger more profound image. This type of artwork is similar to that of the television show "Art Attack" Does he create art or produce a form of mathematical graph? In today's society any form of art can be construed as to what it is, but that's exactly what art is meant to do. It uses different mediums to channel one or more messages into the audiences mind. Whether he's simply painting a pretty picture or addressing a demographic statistic it is still a form of art. Is this art or propaganda? (Jordan has been called “the „it‟ artist of the green movement”) I believe it is art because it has a poetic side to it, and though it may contain some aspects of propaganda I don't believe it is completely made up of propaganda and it is certainly missing the main elements which are the berating messages forcibly placed into t
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