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Lecture 2

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Ted Petit

What is the university? I. A repository of knowledge. Libraries, textbooks, professors’ heads. II. A place where new knowledge gets made. Research, peer review, publication, conversation These are in a dynamic relationship; each supports the other. Raises the questions, What is knowledge? How is knowledge made? How do we know what we know? Epistemology – the branch of philosophy concerned with the nature and scope of knowledge. Knowledge is made in two broadly-based ways: Empirical vs. Speculative We can divide the entire field of human knowledge into two major categories: the Humanities and the Empirical Sciences. Humanities include philosophy, literature, and the visual and performing arts.. Empirical Sciences include two branches: Natural Sciences, such as biology, chemistry, and physics Social Sciences, such as economics, sociology, and History. The humanities generally use the “speculative” approach, while the empirical sciences use the “empirical” approach. Note: This is not an exhaustive diagram of all the differe.t branches of knowledge Human Knowledge Humanities Empirical Sciences Biology Philosophy Natural Sciences Chemistry Religion Physics Fine Arts Sociology Social Sciences Economics History WAIT A MINUTE! Is history empirical? 9/11 ad Larger size: Video: http://w
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