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University of Toronto Scarborough
Andrew Du Bois

Intro LectureMonday September 12 2011913 AMLooking at 50s and 60sMore or less a 50 yr span from early 1900s to 1950White Noise the eighth novel byDon DeLilloFirst paper close readingthe agony and the suffering Overall structurePull as much as possibleLooking at sound and structureParadox tensions etc Second paper compare and contrast paperChoose either two very obvious connections or two very different authors Gertrude Stein and Robert Frost Talk to him prior to writing in office hoursFinal exam 2 hoursID who wrote it or whats the name of the poem Look for the continuity in the poetry Political concernsTime period Dominant esthetics How to they diverge from the norm of the time Essay component In response to a poem that he gives us thereHand in papers not over email They represented the difficulty in the world through poetryInternal tensions The fragments in life are shows in the construction of the poem Conflicting ideologies Frost Has a subtext along with something that people can relate to Popcultural figure who undercuts his own popularityImagismWriting that was trying to be very concentrated didnt waste any timeCalling forth an image in your mind right awayTrying to correct what they saw as flawed tendencies of the Victorian eraBeing more p
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