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Lecture 7

lecture 7

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Andrew Du Bois

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Lecture 7 0310Monday October 03 2011911 AMPick one poem Due Oct 12Diction Form sonnet quatrain etc general ways of structure Architecture of the poem Ambiguities conflicts take away points of the poem Are they resolvedWhat is being communicatedYeats Meru p133 long legged fly p137Stein eggs 184 from tender buttonsPreciosilla p186Frost unharvestedthe most of 223No need for secondary sources Provide Provide Relating the end to the repetition in the title Like the road not taken has a take away message Make a lot of money Like out out provide and work for your family One of the first poets who was well known for giving poetry readings Yoking together this once beautiful woman from the Bible which was the equivalent to a star who is now a hag and has to do rough workBeauty is preserved from dying early You dont get to make up your mind if you die in state with a lot of money If it is predestined you really dont know what will happen Knowledge and truth a
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