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Lecture 1

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Maria Assif

Arab Women Writers – An Introduction Lecture 1 – (Sept 18, 2011) ➢ Article #2  Asense of inferiority due to colonialism – not good to be anArab ➢ Article #1 (ByAmalAmireh)  Overview of the problems faced by women writers th ➢ History ofArab women writers date back long before the 19 century. ➢ Timeline  Al-Khansa (7 century poet)  One of the most successful poets in 3 Islamic periods - 6th/7 century  Wrote about her brothers who passed away during war (elegies)  Wrote about family, romantic love.  After converting to Islan, she wrote poems about Islam and the prophet – poetry was extremely important at this time  She was a very independent woman, travelled, never married.  Did not conform to the traditional Arab women's role.  Rabia-AlAdawiya (7 century)  Was a beautiful entertainer for royalty.  After converting to Islam, she started writing poetry (mystic, spiritual, etc).  Shahrazad (10 )th  One Thousand and One Nights  Originally an Indian story. Aman is betrayed by his wife and then sets out on a killing spree to get rid of virgin women after sleeping with them\  Shahrazad was seductive through her way of storytelling and manages to change the king's mind about women.  Walladah (11 )h  Princess had relationships with the men she loved and this was unusual at that time.  Wrote explicit literature about her sexuality and love interests.  Wrote poetry on her sleeves to carry with her at all times th  Mayy Ziyadah (19 )  Arich Egyptian, only child, wrote a lot of poetry & diaries.  One of the first ofArab writers to write autobiographies  Encouraged a lot of novice writers at that time but sadly died in an asylum while suffering from hysteria.  1950s ➢ 1) Issue of Representation  If we read one story, do we automatically assume it's the story of allArab women?  Just cause oneArab male is bad, does it mean all o
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