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Lecture 7

lecture 7

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Natalie Rose

Lecture 7 - 03/10 Monday,October 03, 2011 1:34 PM  Midterm - How meaning is conveyed through form and language - how is it presented - Significances of those ideas, analyze the story - SO WHAT?!? - Explore ambiguities - How does the passage relate to the whole, without summarizing the whole piece  The toilet - Apartheid produces a profound loneliness - It is so strong that even the two sisters fall out - The narrator is similar to the speaker in "the Worten story" - She has no private property, and so everything has to happen in public ○ Kind of liberating, even though discussing the limitations during the time - When she cannot write in the toilet, and has to on a public park bench, she's claiming it as her own ○ Wasn't a common thing, because places where categorized by race ○ Private/public opposition ○ Moves from winter to spring and all the associations that come with spring - rebirth, fertility, new start  Poetic Subjects - When to her lute Coinna sings neither words nor music are her own; only the long hair dipping over her cheek, only the song of silk against her knees and these adjusted in reflections of an eye (Rich, Snapshots of a Daughter-in-law") ○ She's like a ventriloquist dummy for men to control ○ She's meant to be an artist who has self expression, but we are fixed on her beauty and physical appearance - juxtaposition between the artist's subject and their beauty ○ Suggesting that she's being watched, and her identity is relational and dependent on the gaze of someone else ○ Her beauty isn't even her own, her presentation is brought out by a man looking at her ○ Lacking agency and artistry that she has - Thomas Campion "When to her lute Corinna Sings" c. 1601, this title is in the first stanz
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