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Lecture 8

lecture 8

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Natalie Rose

Lecture 8Wednesday October 05 2011136 PMRich Diving into the Wreck SnapshotPlays with the dangerousness of talking back and quoting male voicesDanger of sleeping with monstersIn Culture and Anarchy she shows matriarchal poetryPolitical mothers and political women across time This is more mythic Connected to the idea of a lyric A single speaker we like to identify them with the poetMore cohesive Goes somewhere towards some kind of epiphanic revelation Contains a narrativehere alone 12Stress on having to be selfreliant Sets up a quest the lone isolated hero Individualized female heroism the book of myths the camera the knifeblade 13Going to uncover truth and uses the book of myths to compare it to The camera is their way of recording evidence Gives another lens viewpoint Takes a fixed view Knifeblade is used for protection Defensive weapon Testing of truth Possible danger Falic object Metaphorically cutting through the truth The camera and the knife take on residence depending on how we interpret the book of myths which is repeated
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