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Nov 21 Lecture

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Natalie Rose

Gender and GenreNovember 21 2011 Sylvia Plath Medusa Keeping quiet and not speakingThe painting of Medusa with her snake hair and death stare One of the definitions is also a jellyfish the tentacles reminded him of the snake hair of Medusa Aureliathe name of Plaths mother She is beautiful and laughing not deadly Medusa as a beautiful woman needs to be reclaimed from the patriarchal analysis Medusa is a symbol of frustration What does she think of her mom The speaker is very resentful of the mother because shes overbearing her Massive resentment and anxiety over the overbearing mother The fetus still trapped in this jelly like womb If the child is trapped in the maternal womb something has gone wrong with this motherchild relationship Mother threatens to raise the identity of the childspeaker This dead paralyzed body is still speakingThe grotesque mother is still the paradoxical aspect to this poem There is nothing between usFinal linestanza Affirmative resolution to the poem rant but you and I are different She cannot make this disconnection The religious layering of these psychic anxieties Beth Brant A Long Story Open up the question of politics of mothering The lens of difference an
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