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Heart of Darkness

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January 31 2012Modernist NarrativeENGC80Heart of DarknessConrad is playing with our expectations of the storyNot naming the characters is part of the planpart of the dehumanizing processDifferent types of modernity going ondifferent responses to this colonialist empireHeart of DarknessThe very idea of the heart itself is a myththere is no center to this storyCould be talking about one side of the binaryof light and darkness of the heartIs it fair to associate darknessbadnessIssue of raceThe way people of colour are portrayedhumanizedClashes with expectationsyoud expect it to be somewhat of a racist textComparison Heart of Darkness 1903Country of the Pointed FirsPeripheries Idea of othernessvarious voicesJoseph ConradParents were Polishthey were living under Russian rule and because of this they were under constant surveillanceWhile in exile his parents both died of tuberculosisHe later lived with his uncletaught him french latin etcWas educated at a very young ageHad an interest in exploringjoined th
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