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ENGC80 - Modernist Narrative March 6.odt

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University of Toronto Scarborough

March 6 2012ENGC80 Modernist NarrativeIn Our TimeErnest HemingwayEven with this title theres omissionwheres the peace that is promisedIs there a connection between the stories and the interchaptersIs there a single protagonist we have to decipher and decode or is our search for some kind of unity an expectation that we need to put asideIn 1930 a critic came up with Hemingway HeroA male protagonist generally disillusionedby wartime experience alienated from the rest of society interested in more masculine pursuitshunting etc This character adheres to an unwritten code grace under pressureThe idea of centre is problematicits polyvocalmany characters have a voice and many ethical stances are performedSort of like In Our TimeNick Adams as the dominant voice of the cycleOedipal Narrativede LaurentasAnother critic argues that one of the problems occur when we decipher one heroic figure and center the text around this figure we erase the importance of other charactersIt is a gendered way to follow Nick Adams To only focus on rising action and climax is a male way of readingTo follow a subject through a progressive questthrough a beginning middle and endThere are limitationsrisks to understanding In Our Time as an Oedipal NarrativeIn Our Time is NOT a novelits a short story cycleMuch more fragmented
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