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University of Toronto Scarborough
Matthew Hoffmann

September 13 , 2012 Notes on Run Lola Run: Formalism and Montage Definiton(s) Montage: Series of short shots are edited into a sequence to condense space, time, and information Formalism: A theory of film study that is focused on the formal, or technical, elements of a film: i.e., the lighting, scoring, sound and set design Formalism (throughout the entire film) • Repeated words • A lot of quick shots • Camera always seems to be moving • One scene: Camera circles Lola and we see different images of people she knows popping up (representing what’s going on in her mind) • Different shots of her running (sped up and in slow motion) • Lighting in the majority of the film: High-key and low contrast • A lot of wide angle shots of her running and medium close up shots • Camera shot of them passing the gun around when Manni robs the bank • Lola gets shot in the chest and time seems to almost stop (different from most of the film as everything was really fast paced) • Intense musical score to slow depressing music • Close up shots of Manni and Lola’s faces • We hear a white noise as it zooms into her eyes and a red hue overlays • The red light in her memory as she sits with Manni creates a warm atmosphere (could also symbolize lust because it is a red hue) • Double shots where the screen is split in half • As she’s running we can hear what she is saying in her mind • Set in the streets • Birds eye view shots of when she is running • Montages are the same but depict different endings every time the day is repeated (3 times) • When Manny dies, the red sequence begins and it shows Manni and Lola talking about death and if he were to die someday. • The Red hue now creates a different atmosphere in the montage -> grim, death, it almost makes things seem as if they were predicted (foreshadowing the accident) • Randomization and time, anything can happen (chance) • Movie is made of an event, and three separates montages (comprised of smaller montages) each holding a different outcome for the characters, with the final montage being the best of the 3 1 Montages (seen in the first half of the film) • To help illustrate the dialogue, a montage is shown in the beginning of Lola’s tasks (getting cigarettes) that had caused her to be late • A second montage is added for Manni as well • Fast paced sequences/ concerned with time • Montages are in black and white • Manni has 20 minutes until he gets in trouble for not having the money • Cartoon montages are used to speed up how she gets to different locations • The rest of the montage is her running in real life • “Hey get your eyes open” “and then” woman has her children taken away and gets depressed then steals another child (shows background characters connection to her/end result) • Another stranger interaction (the man on the bike) then they do a montage of what happens to him later “and then” gets beat up, meets a nice girl and they get married. • The strangers lives are sped up • Man gets into a car accident (we don’t see his end result) • (father is cheating on his wife with another woman = interconnected with Lola • Bumps into a woman who has another montage (she gets into an accident, is paralyzed, and tires to kill herself, succeeds) • Classical musical sequence of them running
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