Lecture 6 Notes

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8 Apr 2012
Lecture 6
Farrokhzad is canonical in 20th century literature
Mojha Kafh is also canonical
o Her Ph. D was about Milton
Suheir Hammad based in US
Maniza Naqui wrote 4 novels in 10-12 years proliferic and does a lot of other stuff
on the side research her
“Gift” sorry and despair vs. hope she feels
“The Wind Will Take Us” deathly interpretation
She writes before Iranian revolution no explicit religion the environment she writes
in is different than the one Iran has now
Mojha Kahf
o Immigrated to US from Syria at the age of 4
o The mention of VIRTUE virtue is inherent, not proven through virginity
o Female body not as just sexual but also politics, spiritual, etc
o In “Read”, sex is for reproduction, not pleasure
o Badr believed that angels fought with Prophet Mohammed and they won
o Uhud first loss God wants to teach Prophet Mohammed a lesson, to not be
arrogant about winning
Suheir Hammad poet, performer, human activist
o Spoken word
o Documentary about Suheir Hammad
o Mike Check post 9/11
Maniza Naqui
o Paleontology of Occupation
Occupation occupy
Paleontology refers to ancient times transcending prehistoric time to
present time
Dushanbe violation of human rights in that country
Janussanes bodyguards of emperor
Afghans in the valley, 2 Buddha statues
Taliban thought Buddhas were bad they destroyed these
historical monuments
Taliban thought they were implementing Qur‟an
From their perspectives, they just want to follow the word of God
In „80‟s, they were called heroes when they fought Russia
when the fought US, they were terrorists
She shows that destruction is not something new or different it started a
long time ago and will always continue
o Wrote lots of novels (4)
Novels are about global politics, colonization, etc.
Islam is not necessarily her focus
o First female to talk about women openly
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