Lecture 9 Notes

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8 Apr 2012
Lecture 9
Eltahawy known for saying things that need to be said Westerners she believes in progress in
Middle-East countries
Irshad Manji was criticized gay topics -> sensitive and taboo identifies herself as gay
Randa Jarrar Arab American
o Passage ID Author’s name (1), work title (1), context of passage (in terms of plot; sets the
tone of what? Were is it in the book?) (2)
(16 points total), (5 passages select 4 4 points a passage
o Multiple choice 7 questions (14 points)
Intros in class + presentations
o Essay 70 points total
Category of characters
Character/characterization female characters or male characters or mothers or
fathers, etc.
o “category” are portrayed this way. Agree? No? Why? Back up with 3 texts
o (mothers bonding/ mothers victimized, etc.) your choice
Have useful passages for many different contexts
Make direct references but not word to word
Look for texts relevant to particular topics
Question of “theme” has been key in this body of literature in shaping how
Muslims and non-Muslims are
o Imperialism
o Oppression
Big themes a statement made from it agree? No? back up with three texts
from 2 genres
o Novel, memoir, short story, poem, non-fiction
Narrative strategies
Narration who is telling whom?
Statement by Assif or by scholars symbols in texts (like mosques), domestic
sphere (how they are domestic)
Choice between these three topics for essay
Point breakdown
20 pts content, how thorough topic is, clear
20 pts development (detail)
10 pts organization, flow well
10 pts mechanics
10 pts style language usage, vocabulary, sentence structure
o 70 pts for essay
o Bonus 5 pts study questions from presentation
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