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Steve Joordens

1. ―How can a man have scruples when it‘s only Chance that‘s king? Theres nothing certain, nothing preordained .We should live as carefree as we may . Forget this silly thought of mother-marrying .Why many men in dreams have married mothers, And he lives happiest who makes the least of it‖ (Jacosta, Page 52) 2. ―Look on this Oedipus, the mighty and once masterful; Elucidator of the riddle, Envied on his pedestal of fame . You saw him fall .You saw him swept away .So, being mortal, look on that last day – And count no man blessed in his life until – He‘s crossed life‘s bounds unstruck by ruin still‖ (Chorus, Page 81) 3. ―You‘d never guess what hate is dormant in your home – or buried with your dear ones dead, or how a mother‘s and father‘s curse – Will one day scourge you with its double thongs – and whip you staggering from the land . It shall be night where now you boast the day .‖ (Tiresias, Page 24) 4. ―Whose very scepter I hold in my hands as King; His marriage bed my bed of seed, our children even shared with share of her – had he been blessed with progeny – Oh, blessed and not struck down by fate!‖ (Oedipus, Page 15) 5. ―From Corinth, my lady. Oh a pleasing piece of news! Or I‘d think so. . . Perhaps a little bitter sweet.‖ (Messenger, Page 50) i. What makes these lines tragic is that Jocasta has no reason to know that what she says is foolish, ironic, or wrong. Oedipus would not have sent Creon to the oracle if he believed events were determined randomly. Also, he wouldn‘t have fled Corinth after hearing the prophecy of the oracle that he would kill his father and sleep with his mother; nor would Jocasta have bound her baby‘s ankles and abandoned him in the mountains. This play returns to the fact that prophecies do come true and that the words of the gods must be obeyed. ii. These are the lines that ‗Oedipus the King‘ end with during the epilogue from the chorus. The Chorus seems to suggest a link between Oedipus‘s rise and his fall—that is, Oedipus fell because h
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