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Lecture 3

Lecture 3 Notes

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Maria Assif

Lecture 3 I am Nujood 10Divorced Memoir focuses not just on Nujood but also other individuals in her life o Written with someone else in the perspective of NujoodThis is a memoirpresented as though Nujood wrote itin the cover picture she is wearing a black scarf and an unsmiling expressionIt says that its written by Ali not translatedit says its written WITH Delphine MinouiReception of story was not always positive in YemenThe questions in interview could have been directed to get a particular interpretation trying to get a particular versionYou wonder if Delphine wanted a particular interpretationGenre is memoirmany assumptions o You assume that everything is truenot possible or 100 truthyou can forget memories especially with traumamemory blocking o Personal experience o Does she have the language to express thingsBut this is a story told by a nave childShes 10 years oldwhat she is and isnt capable of saying o Why unveil the personalBecause theres intimacy with the person y Why in a book for strangers Objective o Telling personal story o Publishing itit was published in France o Story happened in 20062008 published in 2009Role of time in rememberingarticulating events o For kids the boundaries between reality and fiction are mixedPersonal experiencebut there is the intrusion of Delphine o She writes with Nujood but unclear how she does o She adds her own interpretationdelphine can add things for the publication o In Yemen person is related to family and communityReputation that story brings to villageIntroduction o Written by Delphinemakes you skeptical about her interferenceswomen hid their charms y Orientalist vision y Particular interpretationidea of hiding beautytoo complicated for the pages of childrens books o Context here isnt relevantas though its a mythsensationalizing itthis is not even appropriate for a childrens bookTitle of Modern Day Heroineas though shes SherahazadeShes enamoured by sensation of it and narrative not real life NujoodIntroduction was written like a dreaming imageas though it is unreal1 International interferencewhat happened to Nujood wasnt isolated
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