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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Notes

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Maria Assif

Lecture 4 Fadia Faqir was influenced by Tony MorrisonNovel has interesting spin on whitenessUm Saad wanted to be like HindustrumWhite singeractor that was highly sexualizedMaha wanted to be whitedarkness referring to the country that they feel is inferiorWhiteness as referring to freedomSymbols o being barrenunable to fulfill a womans destinygetting rid of a wife who cant have kids o hospital as an institution of insanitysymbol of male dominationwomen who rebel are institutionalizedobsession about being watched o British MandateMany symbolic iconic representationsthe doctorTreated by doctor who doesnt even understand what theyre sayingtranslatordoesnt understand why theyre always talkingTheyre traumatized when he cuts off their hairfor women long hair is part of their identityHes a doctor but hes white with Jordanian nursesBritish doctor for Jordanian patients o Harbs friends BritishHarb was collaborating with themhe was a spyMaha was doomed to be institutionalized from the start because of her brothers connectionsthe main figure of her family allied with the more powerful side of the enemy o Tapestry Maha had obsession to finish her mothers workalignment with mothers workmother was a Bedouindidnt want to settle down until Mahas dad came into the pictureMaha needed something to remind her of itTapestry as a type of narrativestorytelling through thread and fabric finishing what you started by her mother grandmotherfemale identityEscape from anything else in society o Mahas ability to create something is an antithesis to her being dead inside barrenFate of womenalmost as if they can only have one thinga husband or a kid not bothonly gives birth when husband diedMaha promised shed give birth to sonalmost as if son was betterUm Saad gave birth to 8 sonsbut is still institutionalizedwomen never had a chance y Friendship of these two womenis this enough for optimism o They have each other but can it counter all the negative events in their lives o Storyteller
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