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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 Notes

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Maria Assif

Lecture 6th Farrokhzad is canonical in 20 century literatureMojha Kafh is also canonical o Her Ph D was about MiltonSuheir Hammadbased in USManiza Naquiwrote 4 novels in 1012 yearsproliferic and does a lot of other stuff on the sideresearch herGiftsorry and despair vs hope she feelsThe Wind Will Take Usdeathly interpretationShe writes before Iranian revolutionno explicit religionthe environment she writes in is different than the one Iran has nowMojha Kahf o Immigrated to US from Syria at the age of 4 o The mention of VIRTUEvirtue is inherent not proven through virginity o Female body not as just sexual but also politics spiritual etc o In Read sex is for reproduction not pleasure o Badrbelieved that angels fought with Prophet Mohammed and they won o Uhudfirst lossGod wants to teach Prophet Mohammed a lesson to not be arrogant about winningSuheir Hammadpoet performer human activi
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