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Class Notes for English at University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC)

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UTSCENGB03H3Sonja NikkilaFall

ENGB03H3 Lecture Notes - The Penelopiad, Anticlea, Pirithous

OC924944 Page
11 Apr 2013
The story starts with a wife narrating that her husband had cheated on her and how she had believed him all these years without questioning him and now
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UTSCENGA11H3Deirdre FlynnWinter

ENGA11H3 Lecture Notes - Centralized Government, Radial Engine, Telescreen

OC4406016 Page
3 Feb 2013
It is the totalitarian government is the one that tries of control every aspect of life; how. Winston: the reader experiences the nightmarish world tha
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UTSCENGB05H3Wendy DickinsonFall

ENGB05H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Confessional Poetry, Spondee, Anapaest

Hal Zoubaidi5 Page
12 Apr 2015
The glossary below represents a highly selective list of terms relevant to the analysis of poetry. I have included terms that i think are particularly
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UTSCENGB05H3Wendy DickinsonFall

ENGB05H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Literal And Figurative Language, Synecdoche, Simile

Hal Zoubaidi3 Page
12 Apr 2015
Figurative language: saying one thing in terms of something else. Simile: items from different classes are explicitly compared by a connective suck as
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UTSCENGA10H3Garry LeonardFall

English notes

OC59629 Page
10 Apr 2011
We only know the world through words. Myths of origin- myths that suggest how we began; disappears and then we begin it ourselves. God spoke the word,
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UTSCENGA11H3Garry LeonardWinter

ENGA11H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Signify, Breastfeeding, White Privilege

OC12924136 Page
1 Dec 2017
Ontology (study of the beginning of things) - how they come to mean and how they. One element of post wwii: knowledge is not inherent but is constructs
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UTSCENGA10H3Garry LeonardFall

October 27

OC23605 Page
8 Dec 2010
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UTSCENGA10H3Garry LeonardFall

ENGA10H3 Lecture 3: ENGA10 lecture 3 notes Heart of Darkness

OC12168912 Page
12 Oct 2016
The main points of heart of darkness and similarity to dorian gray: The information we receive is not true or right, it"s just information (similar to
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UTSCENGA10H3Garry LeonardFall

ENGA10H3 Lecture 1: ENGA10 lec 1 notes

OC12168912 Page
12 Oct 2016
Enga10-lecture 1 note-the picture of dorian gray by oscar wilde. Centre self (being in the spotlight) vs. cornered self. Superstructure (what you can s
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UTSCENGB70H3Sara SaljougiFall

ENGB70H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Electric Light, Massachusetts College Of Art And Design, The New York Hat

OC8751314 Page
16 Sep 2016
Reading: p. 3-25 / p. 29-38 engaging media . Characters interact with the music and recognize that it is playing. Reinforced by the juke box in the sce
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UTSCENGA11H3Garry LeonardWinter

ENGA11H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Carburetor, Mid Day, Tappet

OC117276710 Page
31 Jan 2017
A collection of linked stories based on the author"s life during wartime in trinidad and tobago. It follows a young boy (the narrator) living with his
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UTSCENGB70H3Sara SaljoughiFall

ENGB70H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Edward Hopper, Bicycle Thieves, Low Key

OC4435933 Page
5 Oct 2016
Double indemnity played on the thought of cynicism. Realism: style becomes secondary to the story, achieved through continuity editing. Cuts are jarrin
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