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Lecture 12

Lecture 12

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Environmental Science
Carl Mitchell

EESA01- Lecture 12- Final Lecture Energy, Impacts, and Alternatives “Conventional” Alternatives to Fossil Fuels - Humans (too many ) that want to live a certain lifestyle and that takes uo energy and that production lead to major environmental issues - Because we have been investing in renewable sources (wind etc. ) that is why the price is going higher - These things don’t really need to be so pricey - Conventional are not fossil fuel based - Why is biomass not a fossil fuel? Its not really oil, it comes from trees, etc. Changing Carbon Emissions - Coal is the most dirty way to produce energy and it puts out the most carbon - Biomass is carbon neutral Hydroelectric Power - Hydro does not burn anything Hydroelectric power benefits - No carbon burn - No fossil fuels Hydroelectric Power Impacts - Habitat destruction because you are making a river into a lake - You can affect the tectonics and actually cause an earthquake - The pro NOW probably outweigh the cons Nuclear Power - Fission- the splitting of an atom into 2 by shooting neutrons at it - This releases an enormous amount of energy - You can use uranium or plutonium but usually uranium - You try to cause a chain reaction - In a nuclear reactor, they try to slow the reaction down by putting it in water so tat it doesn’t increase exponentially Small chance of Accidents and security are Issues - Problems is bomb making and spilling or disposal Radioactive Waste Disposal - Problem is that you don’t know where to dispose the uranium rod even though it is small amount of waste Biomass energy - Recent is corn to make ethanol Rising Popularity of Ethanol and Biodiesel - Burning bio diesel in a car has like no sulphur emission and that is a huge deal when talking about acid rain etc. - BUT there is not enough oil for everyone in the world to drive on
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